Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning The evolution of the author's writing from the first novel, which compared to this is a one-star one, to this fifth book is AMAZING. This book is full of surprises, it's the first one that has surprised me once and again with some turn of events I couldn't even imagine, couldn't stop reading beacause of it, the plot is simply perfect, the rythm unmatched by any other book I've read before, and, unlike others, my mind couldn't foresee the final turnout of events.....perfect ending too, enough not to look unreal to the mind, but not completely ruined by too much perfection in it, yet it leaves the door opened to a new series of adventures.
If there were ten stars to rate this book with, I would definitely marked it with them.
I give it a full more-than-deserved five star rating.
I really felt the JOY AND PLEASURE ( notice the capital letters there) of reading with it.